Video Tape Transfer

 Video Tape Transfer

Cheshire & Manchester Audio Restoration provide a Video Tape to DVD copy Service. The tapes once copied to DVD will play on any Domestic DVD/Bluray player or Computer. We can also then copy the DVD to MP4 file format that can be viewed directly on a Computer without the need for a stand alone DVD player.

We can transfer VHS tapes, Video 8, HI8, Digital 8, VHS-C & Mini DV Camera tapes direct to DVD. The Video & Audio Quality of the transfers to DVD are exactly the same as on the Original Tapes, Audio will not be out of sync with the video. We use superb quality Sony, Panasonic & JVC Tape machines & Video Camera’s for playback.

Transfers to DVD are time bound & have to be done in Reel Time so how ever long a Video tape lasts is how long it takes to transfer to DVD. Some VHS Tapes can last 3 hours, longer if long play mode has been used. Video Camera tapes can also last a couple of hours in Long play mode.

Most Tapes are now over 30 years old & have not been played for a long time. Therefore it is essential for the safe transfer of any video or camera tape that they are closely monitored during the transfer process. Original Video Tapes will NEVER be left to run unattended.

Once VHS or Video Camera Tapes are transferred to DVD if required we can then Render the DVD to an MP4 File. This MP4 file can then be imported & edited independently on a number of available computer programmes.

If any VHS Video Tapes are damaged we can repair them before being transferred.

Our service is prompt, professional & cost effective for the transfer of all Video Tapes.

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