Cheshire & Manchester Audio Restoration provide a Re-Mastering service. This is where a collection of different recordings are presented to us from a variety of formats in variable Quality. Our task is to edit the tracks using a range of Mastering techniques so the collection of tracks sound coherent together. Individual Tracks can also be Re-Mastered.

Below are some examples of work we have undertaken. Click on the images to hear featured Tracks on You Tube.

This Record by the Waterfront was released for Record store Day 2018 Previously it had only been available on a poor Quality Tape Bootleg. We Re-mastered the original recordings for this Release. We gave our services free of any charge on the project with all the proceeds from the sale of this record around the world going to the Christie Hospital raising over 10k.Manchester Audio Restoration

This Album was released for Record Store day 2017. The tracks given to us were on variety of formats in considerable variable sound quality. MP3 files, Vinyl, Cassette, CD and even a sound-cloud download. We Re-mastered and Edited all the tracks so they sound coherent when compiled together on this album.Manchester Audio Restoration

The tracks on this Album by the Manchester Mekon were transferred to Digital from a variety of Sources including the original 1/4 Studio Master tapes where possible and Demo Recordings on Vinyl. 

One Summer British Summertime was Re-Mastered for Release on Record store Day 2017 from a low Quality MP3 file.

manchester audio restoration

Remastered for Record Store Day 2021 Album by James Ray on Vinyl Revival Records.

Remastered for Record Store Day 2022 on Ikon Records

manchester audio restoration

Released on IKON Records we had to make numerous changes pre pressing for Vinyl with EQ & Audio Levels to the stereo versions.

Manchester audio restoration