Restoration Service

Restoration Service

With Audio Restoration No Record or Tape Transfers are the same. Sometimes the Restoration Service we provide requires more detailed work. This can be when a Record will not play through without sticking or jumping & requires editing together in a DAW. Enhancing Dialogue with Random Volume & Noise Spikes & Motor Hum especially on old Reel to Reel & Cassette Audio Tapes. As in the art of Mastering Audio there are no quick fixes with software presets. At the final analysis with any Audio Restoration experience & your ears are your final judge.

Reel to Reel Tape Preview

We often get enquiries from people with batches of Reel to Reel Tapes that have been discovered with no indication as to the content they have on them. For a nominal amount per tape we offer a service where we can run through these old tapes and give an indication of the contents, it can then be decided if the tapes are of personal interest & then to proceed with the transfer to digital format.

Reel to Reel Tape Baking

A few brands of Studio Reel to Reel Audio tape from the 70’s & 80’s especially Ampex suffer from what is known as Sticky-Shed Syndrome. Some of these Tapes are treated before being transferred with a process called Baking. Most Domestic Tape Brands used on Home Recorders & Professional Studio Tape pre 1970 do not need Baking.  We provide this additional service with Tape Transfers when it is required.

Below are a few Clips where we have had to spend a bit more time Restoring Old and Damaged Vinyl Records & Audio Tape.

This original Metal Acetate Disk from the early 1950’s was extreamly worn. The following 2 clips show the original as transferred with Considerable Surface Noise & loud Clicks. The Restored Clip has quite a bit of the Surface Noise Removed as well as the loud clicks.Manchester audio restoration



The 2 clips below show how dialogue from old reel to reel recordings can be enhanced. The Wedding Ceremony  vows are difficult to hear. Once Transferred to Digital its possible to Enhance Different Sections of the Recording whilst still maintaining the ambiance in the church for continuity with the rest of the Recording. In the second clip there is considerable Motor Hum inherent with some old domestic reel to reel tape machines  which has been removed.

Manchester Audio Restoration





The Following clip is from a Cassette Recording from the Radio that played at Half Speed. This tape had to be Transferred at its original Half Speed then Digitally Corrected to play at the correct speed and Pitch. A considerable amount of background noise was also removed.



The Following Clip is from a CD recording that had already been transferred from the original 78 record. The Recording required restoration to remove as much background noise & clicks as possible.



The following extract was from a Male Voice Choir recorded at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester and never issued on CD. This Record stuck in places and had to be edited together. It was not possible to hear the edits. Clicks, Crackles and Surface Noise were also removed.manchester audio restoration



78 records can be the most challenging. But as many 78’s are one of a kind Original Recordings they are very gratifying to Restore. Significant improvement can always be made but the condition of the original record will always dictate how much overall improvement can be made. The following before & after extracts are from very well played original 78 Acetate Records. The Restored Recordings are considerably clearer with much of the Background Noise removed.

manchester audio restoration




The Following three Clips are from an original Acetate disk recorded in 1942. It was originally sent as an MP4 file [clip one] which had recorded on a phone. The quality was very poor. We asked if they had possession of the original record which had been recorded, fortunately they did which was sent to us. We were then able to get a much cleaner pass [clip two] although still very noisy there was much more to work with. The third clip is as it is fully restored.

Manchester Audio Restoration





manchester audio restoration




We Transferred & Restored some original Reel to Reel Audio Tapes & Digitised VHS Video in the programme below

We use excellent industry standard equipment to play all Analogue Audio & Video. Superb Quality Arcam Phono Preamp with Linn & Rega Turntables, Denon MC Cartridge for 33 & 45 RPM Vinyl. A dedicated Turntable & Pre-amp is used for 78 Records. Tascam, Sony, Panasonic & Denon Tape Machines recorded through Focusrite A/D Converters at a sample rate of 24/44. Industry standard professional software is used including Audio plugins from Waves Universal Audio.  Great Care is taken of all Audio Tapes, Video Tapes & Vinyl Records whilst in our possession.

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